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"Bear Buddies has a program that is in a safe environment that provides a strong combination of social stimulation and constant push for academic growth.  As a parent, I value that they group children by age and provide ample opportunities for my children to interact, play and learn with their peers.  No matter the age, infant to school age, they are using developmentally appropriate curriculum that pushes them to learn in a variety of ways:  dramatic play, reading, art, puzzles, etc.  Our 4 year old daughter, Ellery, loves coming home each night and telling us all about the new things she has learned.  One night she came home and explained how Big Ben was not a boy name but rather a "really big clock in Europe that you can see from miles away".  The variety of ways Bear Buddies have integrated learning into their dramatic play stations and group times has really amazed me and my husband.  Both our kids love going to school to see their friends and their teachers.  They are always cheerful when we get out of the care at Bear Buddies and instantly greets their teachers and friends.  These friendships and bonds they have both created with not only the other kids but also the teachers, makes us appreciate the 4 years we have been at Bear Buddies."
Chad and Jenna Weiland- 4 years with Bear Buddies



"Our son was a delayed walker.  Being first time parents, the guidance and referral to a physical therapist was a god send.  He was walking and being a normal kid in his age group in no time.  I love that he comes home with a smile on his face.  I know he is in loving hands.  Ye, the flexible hours are fantastic, as is the food program and curriculum.  The joy I see from his days helps know I made the best choice in child care!  Adam loves the staff, which is a HUGE comfort to us.  He will come home talking about what Ms. Ashley, Ms, DeeAnn, or Ms. Holly did that day!  Just an overall THANK YOU for your dedication to child development and enrichment!"

Andy and Becca Hollenbach - 2 years with Bear Buddies


"The hours are great.  I really value the flexibility or should I say the availability.  They're the next best thing to dropping the kids off at Grandma's."

Steve Schellhorn - 9 years with Bear Buddies


"I love that Bear Buddies has longer hours and the ability to allow a flexible schedule.  I work retail so my hours change.  Bear Buddies has been very accommodating.  I like that the teachers try to know all the kids in all the rooms.  Isaac loves coming in and having breakfast with his friends.  He also enjoys art and outside play.  Isaac started Bear Buddies at 6 weeks old, which was very hard for us.  Knowing how much his teachers cared for him made it easier.  They didn't seem bothered by my many phone calls in the beginning."

Leann Nyberg - 3 years with Bear Buddies


"Knowing when you drop your child off and not have to worry about anything.  The teachers are super nice.  The times for opening and closing are the best.  Thank you a lot for caring for Chloe Karl."

Ashley Shuette - 1 year


"Increased education - I love that my kids have been exposed to sign language, Spanish, and more.  He is truly stimulated to learn more.  Exposure to different cultures - talk about things other than the "norm" (i.e.: Kwanza, Hanukkah).  Family connection between the teachers and kids.  I truly feel that my son is well cared for by all of his teachers.  They don't view each child as just another kid.  Every night, Levi talks about playing with Ms._______ or Ms. _______.  We love Bear Buddies and the care our kids receive. "

Danielle Johnson - 2 years with Bear Buddies


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