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Bear Buddies Child Development Center is a privately owned organization founded in 1991 for the primary purpose of providing high-quality developmental childcare, which offers a nurturing, loving environment and developmental curriculum for young children

Developmental  Child Care offers those specific activities, plus adult and peer group interactions, which enhance a child's growth and development.  A child experiences a combination of structured and self directed learning choices in the major areas of growth; cognitive (thinking and understanding), physical ( growth and movement), language (communication), social/emotional (feelings and expressions), and creative expression (artistic self awareness). 

Bear Buddies Child Development Center has many unique features built into the design of its facilities.  It is evident that children are the primary focus when there are a variety of activities that are accessible and enrich their environment. 
Professionally trained care givers provide positive, enthusiastic guidance and resources which foster the individual's growth to reach their full potential. 

Children experience indoor and outdoor activities and games.  They move throughout the curriculum areas of the center as they would in their own home.  Meals are served family style, teaching manner and thankfulness for the nourishment.   As members of the Federal Food Program, you can be assured that all of our menus are designed based on the nutritional guidelines of the food pyramid.  Bear Buddies strives to introduce your child to a wide variety of foods to ensure a broad base for nutritional growth.


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