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BEAR BUDDIES CHILD DEVELOPMENT CENTER is a privately owned organization founded in 1991 for the primary purpose of providing high-quality developmental childcare which offers a nurturing-loving environment and curriculum for families with young children. We strive to provide an environment with a family atmosphere that enhances the five developmental areas of your child's growth: social/emotional, language, cognitive, creative, and physical. We encourage children to explore and discover individually, with their peers, and with supportive adults in a stimulating, child-appealing environment. As parents, you may rest assured that your child is safely cared for by highly trained-experienced staff who that are dedicated to children and the family unit.



Our Mission and Goals


Our purpose is to provide parents with a rewarding experience with childcare. We want to assure them peace of mind knowing their child is safe, in a warm and nurturing environment similar to home. At Bear Buddies, we offer children experiences that consider the uniqueness of each child, and allow for flexibility in scheduling. We have a carefully selected staff of qualified and caring professionals.

Long Term Goals


  • To create a caring, comfortable, loving atmosphere


  • To help each child reach his/her potential in each of the five areas of development: *social-emotional *language *cognitive *personal character *physical


  • To maintain a leadership role’s in the child-care community.


  • To provide growth and career opportunities for each employee


  • To perpetuate a strong staff that works as a team and functions as a family.


  • Be aware of family’s needs, and support them through appropriate resources.

Just for Kids

Just for Parents

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