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"Both of us work long hours, so it's very important that our boys be in an environment that is not only nurturing, but also provides educational basics. The teachers in every classroom seem to really connect with the children.  My oldest still remembers teachers from two years ago fondly.  They are never bored and I never get the sense that they aren't happy being there.  Plus, they're made some great friends along the way.  We are moving to a school district that isn't serviced by Bear Buddies.  Until you have to find another care provider, you don't realize how special Bear Buddies really is.  I found myself having to compromise with any of the options available to us."

Jennifer Freeman -  with Bear Buddies for 5 years


"The flex schedule caters to our unique work schedules.  Clint is able to attend four days a week.  There is't another day care around Hudson area that offers the flexibility that Bear Buddies does.  We value the employees.  Clint is happy when we leave him in the morning, and he is happy when we pick him up.  That is a great indicator that he is well cared for throughout the day.  We also value all of the information we receive on a daily basis (i.e.: feedings, naps, mood, etc.).  Bear Buddies made the transition of returning to work from maternity leave as seamless as possible.  The teachers were sensitive and comforting."

Magan Tatge - with Bear Buddies for 4 months


"We just found out that our daughter will need to wear a helmet and do physical therapy for 2 - 3 months with therapy three times a day.  Lindsay offered to help us by doing the physical therapy afternoon session while we do the morning and evening.  This is greatly appreciated!!  The friendliness of the staff and how greatly they care for our daughter.  Miss Lindsay always gives her a big smile when we drop her off each morning.  Makes us feel good!"

Courtney Trapp -  with Bear Buddies for 1 year


"He has learned some sign language, made some friends, and how to interact with other kids.  He has learned a lot of new words (He's 18 months).  I like the nutritious lunches, learning sign language and the friendly, caring staff.  He love playing outside with his friends, doing art projects and lunch times."

Shannon Evjen -  with Bear Buddies for 9  months


"My son is only 9 months old, but he has definitely advanced in the two months he has been there.  He learned to crawl in 1 week after starting and learned to wave.  I value the different rooms for age groups and the set up.  The teachers are all wonderful."

Sara Nelson - with Bear Buddies for 2 months

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