Baldwin Testimonials

"Milo is happy to go there and see his teacher and his friends.  He is always excited to go; so I know he is treated well.  He loves it!  The socialization and teaching that my son gets while he's there.  He really enjoys the painting, coloring and craft making activities.  He loves his teachers and he looks forward to playing with his friends.  I appreciate that the teachers all know my son when he comes in the morning.  They respect that he is an individual and a toddler!  It can't be easy to manage toddlers, but they make it look easy."

Deanna Sebion - been with Bear Buddies for 8 months


"Having a baby is very expensive and having formula provided is a huge cost savings benefit for our family.  We LOVE the daily report card!  Knowing everything about our baby's day helps us care for him better when we get home from a long work day.  The wonderful staff!  Ms. Sam and the Teddy A room staff are amazing!  They all take the time to make Ryken happy.  I believe they love these children and that's why they are great at doing their job!  He is only 5 months old so as far as I can tell he loves the teachers and the attention he get the most!  We love Bear Buddies!  They are reliable and consistent which makes it easy for us to trust them with our child.  Knowing he is safe and loved makes going to work easier."

Ryma Lindquist - with Bear Buddies for 3 months


"Hours of operation work excellent with our schedule.  My husband and I both commute, so the early hours the center open are imperative for our schedules.  The option of having a flex schedule as my schedule changes weekly.  The care and attentiveness to any issues or concerns we have.  Keeping us informed of any changes.  He loves his teachers, the food, and interacting with other babies.  As a new and first time parent, I was very hesitant and reluctant to enroll my child in a center.  We have had such a positive experience.  His teachers take such good care of him and treat him like their own.  We are involved with his care and decision making even when we are at work.  We are very happy and appreciative of the wonderful care and attention Cash receives!"

Jennifer and Andrew Lindstrom - with Bear Buddies for 7 months


"My child has learned from others.  He learns academic and social skills at Bear Buddies.  He is most often greeted by a hug from a staff member and a "Hello" from other kids.  In addition, he learns!  The Bear Buddies program has a great community based on kindness and caring.  My son loves going because he is cared for by both staff and classmates.  Thank you to the great staff and great program!"

Kit  Smestad - with Bear Buddies for 1 year


"The staff is very caring and supportive in the education of their kids!  They truly show care for all kids and provides great structure as well.  I value the structure of the daily routines and trust in the staff.  They are truly caring towards the growth and development of all children.  He has really grown from his experiences at this center." 

Current Parent - with Bear Buddies for 1 year




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