Together We Grow

Parental involvement is encouraged and welcomed. Parents may visit the center at any time and participate in presentation of lessons, reading stories, meals (by appointment), and special events.


We are involved with your family and we want you to be involved with our family at BEAR BUDDIES. If there are behavioral issues regarding your child, you will be informed and your assistance and cooperation in resolving the problem will be solicited. Keep in mind that law, even at the parent’s request, strictly prohibits certain disciplinary tactics (i.e. spanking, or restraining).


Bear Buddies plans several parent/granparent involment activities each year.  Your participation in these activities is welcomed and completely voluntary.  Also, please keep in mind that each parent is encouraged to share in their child's day whenever they choose.  We love to have families visit and participate. Please check the upcoming Special Events tab in the Parent Login section upon enrollment for all familiy activities. 

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