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Welcome to Bear Buddies KidzDepot Program.  This program is designed for our school age children ages 5-12 years.  

Before and After School Program:  this program is set up to help parents feel comfortable with the care of their child in the early mornings before school and in the afternoon/evenings after school.  In this program, extensive creative and relaxing activities are designed to give the children time to self explore as they have been structured out all day long.  Computer games, artistic exploration, outdoor large motor play, singing, and dancing, if they so desire, are all part of daily offerings.  A nutritious snack is also provided to all of our children coming
off the bus or van. 

New Richmond School District: provides transportation to and from the schools.

Hudson School District: has specific bussing routes. Bear Buddies will transport to and from school should transportation not to be provided.

Baldwin School District:  provides transportation to and from the schools.

Summer Camp: this program is geared for a full summer's excitement.  We are very proud of our Summer Camp. For those of you who are new to the program, Kidz Depot Summer Camp is deisgned to keep the kids on the go constantly.  We have exciting new and old field trips, fun Kidz in the Kitchen days, parks, movie theathers, sports, arts and crafts, and tons of water play. 

There is an annual registration fee plus we work very hard to raise money at the beginning of the summer so we are able to provide extra funds for the field trips.  This allows us to keep the weekly tuition rates as low as possible.

Please contact us if you have any questions.  We look forward to sharing the summer and school year with your child. 

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